Throwing Rotten Tomatoes at Captain Marvel Haters

< ![CDATA[Throwing Rotten Tomatoes at Captain Marvel Haters

Today is both International Women’s Day and the release date of Captain Marvel, the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or the MCU as it is more commonly known). This is not a coincidence as after twenty movies Marvel have finally released a film about a female superhero.

Unsurprisingly, a small dark, grubby corner of the internet got very upset over Captain Marvel and made it their latest battleground in the ongoing cultural war around diversity and equality.

Below I’ll look at their paper thin complaint against the film and its star Brie Larson before explaining what you can do to help the problem.

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A Squire and His Knight

< ![CDATA[[caption id="attachment_2713" align="alignright" width="197"]A Squire and His Knight Pilgrim’s Progress. “Thus, they got over.” Public domain illustration by Frederick Barnard 1889.[/caption]

All the way back in 2015 there was a popular Flash Fiction website Flash! Friday would post twice weekly flash fiction writing challenges. The Flash! Friday contest challenge on which they named the website after was a full on competition.

The other challenges was Warmup Wednesday which was just for fun where you had to write a scene or an entire story of 100 words (no more, no less) inspired by the photo on the right. 

Below the break you’ll find my entry for Wednesday 2nd September called The Squire and His Knight. It is one of my favourite stories so I hope you enjoy it.

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Terminal: The Good, The Bad and Explaining Too Much

< ![CDATA[ Last month I talked used the Doctor Who episode The Ghost Machine to discuss how small writing changes could have made the story much more interesting. Today I want to do a similar thing with the neo-noir movie Terminal starring Margo Robbie. Before we get into the meat of the discussion below the break, I’d recommend you check out the trailer to get a sense of the film.


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Dear John

< ![CDATA[Dear JohnAfter receiving an Honourable Mention for my story The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. Smythe last week, I went one better this week and actually won Microcosms 159 with my story Dear John!

My winning flash fiction tale was called Dear John and inspired by the three elements of Athlete, Train and Romance. You can see what judge  Geoff Le Pard, had to say below:

It had to be romance this week, not sure why. This was the piece I had to go back to. There’s such a lot in it: the comparisons between the snow and the untouched page in the note book; the rhythm of the train and of the words that poured out; the juxtaposition between the Dear John on one side and the arguments on the other. Lovely…

You can find out if you agree with Geoff by checking out my story below the break.

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The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. Smythe

< ![CDATA[The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. SmytheEvents that first happened on the 18th of January inspired the 158th Microcosms by events: whether it was an x-ray generating machine first being exhibited in 1896 or the first time an aircraft landing on a ship in 1911.

The three elements I used for my 263 word tale, The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. Smythe, were Explorer, Island and Journal. The story went down well with this week’s judge Sian Brighal who said,

The title is perfect, and if titles could smile fondly at their story and its main character, then this one most certainly does. The writing style was a joy to read, the tone and language pitched perfectly.

You find out if you agree with them being clicking below

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Space Rush

< ![CDATA[To celebrate the 100th Microcosms we went back to the old format and were asked to submit stories that were only a 100 words long. They also went back to the first ever Microcosms to get the elements – which seems a very long time ago now. My contribute to this celebration is my 100 word tale Space Rush. Using the elements of Rebekah, Spaceships and Western, you’ll find my story below. Enjoy!

Microcosms 100

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Foreshadowing the Ghost Monument

< ![CDATA[Foreshadowing the Ghost MonumentIn my look back at Series 11 of Doctor Who, I talk about how the writing throughout the whole series (bar a couple of episodes) felt it needed an extra draft. Today I want to go into that opinion in a bit more detail by looking at the second episode of the season The Ghost Monument.

It is a fun but low stakes story of the Doctor and her friends trekking across a dangerous alien planet trying to get home during an intergalactic race. The tension is taken out of the episode because of a poor example of foreshadowing. I’ll go on to explain why I feel this way but first let’s look at what foreshadowing is, and a good example of it contained in the same episode.

Spoilers below for Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument

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Doctor Who Series 11: It's Fine

< ![CDATA[Foreshadowing the Ghost MonumentIn these click bait times in which we live, revealing the conclusions of an article in the headline goes against the norm but in many ways a simple blog title is the best metaphor for the 11th series of Doctor Who.

What follows below the break are my thoughts on various parts of the series and why, when place in the whole, they result in my verdict of ‘It’s Fine.’

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Solo: A Different Kind of Love Story

< ![CDATA[Solo: A Different Kind of Love StoryWith Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting the DVD shelves this week I want to talk about the missed opportunities of the film. In many ways, it is amazing that Solo is as good as it is considering the trouble production history the film had. However, the film still feels safe as it ticks off all the standard tropes and key moments of Star Wars history you’d expect. I believe, with a one tiny changes, Solo could have been a much more interesting film.

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Faerie Tales

< ![CDATA[Faerie StoriesThis week’s Microcosms took on a bit of a Scottish theme – by accident more than design – as the three suggested elements were Fiery Redhead, Highland Estate and Tragedy. You can insert your own joke about the last one.

Back to the writing, these three elements inspired my story Faerie Stories below and achieved the runners up spot in the weekly contest. You can check out the story below the break

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