Movie poster for Reviewing my Review of Sunshine on Leith

Sometimes you agree to stuff without really thinking about it. Recently I did quite such a thing when I announced to the other Culture Jam writers on Facebook:

Can I review Sunshine on Leith the movie when it comes out in a couple of weeks? I have this stupid idea of trying to fit as many of the song titles into the review as possible!

Of course I hadn’t looked at the song titles before saying this. I’d seen the show in Belfast a few years ago and I don’t remember there being too terrible plus my head was filled with puns about 500 miles etc. How did I get on? Check below the break! First of all let’s start with said song list. It is as follows:

  1. Sky Takes The Soul
  2. I’m On My Way
  3. Over and Done With
  4. Misty Blue
  5. Make My Heart Fly
  6. Let’s Get Married
  7. Life With You
  8. Oh Jean
  9. Hate My Love
  10. Then I Met You
  11. Should Have Been Loved
  12. Sunshine on Leith
  13. Letter From America
  14. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

When I first saw this list I said a few words that could be described as Misty Blue. The problem is that the songs like Then I Met You or Hate My Love are written in a different perspective than the reviews I write. Best way to find out how I managed is to read the review itself which you can do so here! Assuming you have come back, what did you think? You can now see what I meant when I said I cheated with the worst example being:

Like most musicals the film is about love and the different kinds we face in our lives, such as sending a Letter From America home to parents, saying ‘Let’s Get Married’  to a significant other, or angrily telling a long-term partner ‘you Hate My Love’!

Also I’m sure I mangled the English language quite a few times during the review as well. I await the angry letters from my English Lit friends. However, a few of the lines I’m really quite pleased with such as

The other danger the movie avoids is presenting a Misty Blue view of Edinburgh


In fact, you could say that the swooping shots of the city’s Sky Takes the Soul of any viewer

Overall I’m really happy with the review and the film is even better so go and see it now. Finally, thanks to my editor Hilary for finding all the youtube links that appear throughout the review!