For the first time when I was writing this story I had actors in my head for particular parts, however, as this post is long enough I’ll leave that discussion for another day. Well today is that day. Below the break you’ll see who I had imagined for each part Truth if it was turned into a film.

Millicent would be played by…Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was the first actor I imagined as one of the characters. The role of Millicent feels like an older version of her character from Basic Instinct although Millicent isn’t quite as destructive as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct. Stone has a sexuality that I feel Millicent needs as the reader needs to believe that the character is still an attractive older women without her feeling like a wolf in lamb’s clothing. While this sort of thing shouldn’t be an issue in the 21st century sadly it still is.

Menzies would be played by…Matthew Lewis

Matthew wasn’t my first choice for the part as for a long time I had Eddie Redmayne but he didn’t match the image I had of a big lunk of a young man who Matthew Lewis has grown into. Just check him out in the later Harry Potter movies – where he towers over the rest of the younger cast members while in Bluestone 42 his nickname of House describes his build nicely.

Eilidh would be played by…Emma Thompson

Eilidh is only in the story for a short time so I need an actor who can both make an instant impact which will hung over the rest of the film. The actor also needs to be of the same age, motherly and yet look like someone who would be friends with Sharon Stone. Emma Thompson is therefore prefect. What makes this choice even better is that Thompson is only a year younger than Stone.

The Old Man would be played by…Peter Capaldi

The Old Man – I’d forgotten I hadn’t named him – has to be someone who stays in the memory but the viewer would believe is in a relationship with Millicent. For a long time I had the names of old school English actors such as Peter Cushing or Ian Richardson but as they have sadly passed away I decided to go for Peter Capaldi. While he is most famous for the sweary Malcolm Tucker and his spikey performance as Doctor Who, the performance that best matches this role is his performance in Local Hero. He is sweet and friendly which matches nicely with the power he brings to screen.

The Blonde would be played by…Lindsay Lohan

This is purely a bit of fun as the role consists of no more than climbing off a bed and walking out the door while not wearing anything, which isn’t too different from many of Lindsay Lohan‘s most recent roles! Plus the audience’s reaction would be funny as well!

What do you think of my choices? Who would you pick?