Drawn Memories Author's Notes
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Earlier this week issue three of Far Off Places was published. The theme of the issue was Under the Bed and included my short story Drawn Memories. You can buy a copy of the magazine here (remember to select option three from the list!).

Below are my author’s notes on the story. While there are no spoilers you may want to read the story first. If you are sitting comfortable I’ll begin.

Author’s Notes

Drawn Memories was the first story I wrote for a magazine submission. Up till then I’d be submitting to magazine’s without a theme such as Puffin Review.

In many ways this story is the daughter to my story Pens with a very similar idea. The big difference is the use of pictures and how these flow through the narrative and turn back to early points in the piece. This ranges from the introduction of the main character’s best friend Fraser to the introduction of Alice. While the main character

Talking of Alice, I kind of feel sorry for her. In my head, because where else do my characters live, she isn’t a bad person, just a bit insensitive as a teenage. I’ve already got plans for her to return in later stories where she will be nicer.

Unlike many of my stories a lot of places I describe are from my life. The bed room described is mine without the drawing on the walls because I can’t draw. The classroom is my old maths classroom without the pretty girl sitting in front of me. I usually sat behind other boys or I was stuck at the front of the class. There was also no school uniform at Linlithgow Academy as we had a dress code when I was there.

Have a read of the magazine and let me know what you think of it below.