As I said I entered this week’s Cracked Flash Fiction weekly competition this week with my tale The Big Bad Wolf – a crime drama version of The Three Little Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood. Below you’ll find out how the story developed first into a crime drama and then into an alternative take on the two fairy tales I mentioned above as well as finding out what the judges thought, if anything, about The Big Bad Wolf.

Changing the Original Prompt

It took me a wee while to get into this story with a long time between reading the prompt and working out what the next line would be. I always find that Cracked Flash Fiction prompt always pushes me towards dialogue however, the problem is to avoid flippant come backs. Arguably the line I came up with is a flippant come back but opens up a story as I suddenly had a rookie and experienced cop. The problem now is that the original prompt 

This is incredibly disturbing to me.

didn’t feel like natural dialogue so I asked if I could change it.

Luckily Cracked Flash Fiction were happy with my suggested change. The next stage was working out what the crime would. All I knew it would be disturbing!

Looking for the right crime

After the success of my Microcosms flash tale Anywhere Else if I’m struggling for a plot I’ll have a go and re-telling a fairy tale. Mixed this with seeing the new Disney film Zootropolis I remembered The Three Little Pigs and how they share a villain with Little Red Riding Hood. At this point my ending twist started to form in my mind with Mrs Hood transforming into the wolf. Truth be told my story could probably do with another 200 words or so as it lacks some of the descriptions and hints I would have liked to include. This is probably why I didn’t place when the results were announced on Wednesday night. The good thing about Cracked Flash Fiction is there is always next week!

Do you think The Big Bad Wolf was unwritten and needed more words to round out its story? Let me know in the comments below

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