Forest by Moonlight - Author's Notes

Forest by Moonlight was a Flash! Friday challenge inspired by Sherlock Holmes. However, the story doesn’t have a very Sherlock Holmes feel.

Dog Soldiers

The first draft of the script had a much more military feel with the story inspired by the movie Dog Soldiers (which I haven’t seen). I named the character Marshall after the director of the movie Neil Marshall. Marshall was originally called Pertwee after Sean Pertwee who starred in the film. However, I felt the name along with his intended rank of private sounded silly together. I’m not sure why I didn’t change it back when I turn the troops into concerned citizens.

How much does the protagonist know?

Through the use of an unreliable narrator, I try to create a sense of tension in the readers’ mind about how much the protagonists knows about what is going on. I hope the reader gets the panic the narrator is feeling about the future transformation into a werewolf and the lack of control he has over it.

The other key fact is whether he knows who killed the old doctor. In my head, the protagonist knows that he (and he is very much a he) is the one responsible. However, on the Flash! Friday website Amberlee Dawn commented that

I’m trying to decide how much the MC knew what was happening.

With a tight word count I maybe didn’t make this as clear as I wanted to.


One part I think works is the transform sequence. Although it is only a few words long, it has a sense of body horror any good werewolf transformations requires. I also think I captured the emotional turmoil the character would be going through.

How successful did you think Forest by Moonlight was? Let me know in the comments below!