Those who follow my twitter account will know that I take part in the weekly hashtag game #1lineWed where writers share lines from their stories based around an optional theme picked by @RWAKissofDeath. On 5th October the theme was Over and I played along as usual with sixteen entries. Mixed in among these tweets were these two from my story Peppermint:

Rightly or wrongly I’ve never been a huge fan of my story Peppermint for the reasons I detail in my Author’s Notes article about the tale. Below the break you’ll see how these two tweets helped me re-evaluated my thoughts on the story.

Good Bits in Bad Stories

As I said I’ve never really like Peppermint as I thought it didn’t work as a story as it is two parts rather than one whole. For this reason, and life in general, I don’t think about Peppermint often as I try to focus on other story. However, 5th October’s #1lineWed helped me see the beauty of the story that I’d forgotten about. Both lines are wonderfully beautiful descriptions that give a clear image to the reader in ten words or less. Jenny Glover puts even better in this tweet.

Why is this important?

What #1lineWed has shown me is that within my stories that I don’t like or I don’t think works there is something good there. In Peppermint it is the two lines above. When I went back to re-read the story for this post I found I enjoyed it more than I remembered I did. I can still see the issues but I now have a more balanced view of my story.

What has made you go back and re-evaulate one of your own stories you personally dislike? Tell me about it in the comments below

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