In what is rapidly becoming a Saturday tradition I entered the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition. This week my entry was a tale called Too Many Superheroes inspired by the prompt

I thought that we were special

The moment I read that prompt I started to think of superheroes, men and women who have special powers, yet if you know anything about their natural home of comic books you know there are thousands of superheroes. For example, take this A-Z list of DC Comics characters from Wikipedia there are over 100 names and this doesn’t include everyone by a long way.

Character Names

With so many superheroes and even more villains out there, it was difficult to come up with original names for my hero and villain. In the end it came from a surprising source – a 1950s BBC Radio Comedy Show. While googling Blue Bottle to check it wasn’t a comic book character I hadn’t heard of, I came across a Wikipedia article on characters from The Goon Show – a show I use to listen to as a child starring Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan. As I enjoyed the nostalgia I was reminded of another character from the show Bloodnok which I’ve always liked as a name and would work brilliantly for my super villain. The final superhero name I took from the show was the Z Men lifted from the name of a movie they did called Down Among The Z Men.


The style I was aiming for with my story was one of humour and playfulness as I touched on clichés of the superhero stories and played with them. While this is hardly new I felt I got the balance right between satire and making fun of clichés that are needed for the stories to work. The great thing is that the judges saw what I was trying to do and rewarded the story an honourable mention in their results round-up for Week 18.

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