Rule one of entering any kind of writing competition is follow the rules. I failed in this when I entered my first story Campfire Stories into the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition. The following week I followed all the rules and guess what I won with my tale Red for Oscar. Below the break you’ll find out what inspired the story.

Before we get to that a quick reminder that prompt was

How many times do I have to be shot before you are happy?

Alan Davies As Yet Untitled

The main idea of the story came from an episode of Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, a comedy discussion show on the UKTV channel Dave. The idea behind the show is that folk, normally comedians, chat about the silly things that has happened to them during their lives. In the episode on at 11pm on the 10th of October Michael Ball told a story about his appearance on the TV show Toast of London where he got shot. Now of course this was a special effect but it went wrong with the gunshot effect being far more painful than it should have been. With an opening line of “How many times do I have to get shot before you are happy?” this seemed like a great basis for a revenge plot. As a nod to this inspiration I named the protagonist after Michael Ball and the antagonist after Janet Street-Porter who’d also appeared on the show. Sadly no one called Oscar appeared but that name was needed for other reasons.

Word Play

I’m quite happy with the two play on words I get into this story. The first, red instead of blood, is not a new idea as Joss Whedon used it in his first Avengers movie and I’m sure others have used it before as well.

The double meaning of the word Oscar was something I haven’t seen done before and I’m quite proud of it even if I say so myself.

What did you think worked or didn’t work with Red for Oscar? Tell me in the comments below

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