Six Word Stories and Accidentally Writing

The last meeting of West Lothian Writers was on the same as Ernest Hemingway‘s 116th birthday and to celebrate I asked everyone to write their own Six Word Stories as, if you believe the legend, Hemingway‘s invented the format with his tale

For Sale: baby shoes, never worn

I wrote some six worders (while I wait for my train to Livingston) which can be found below or on the WLW website.

My Six Word Tales

I wrote four stories and they are:

  • Housewife by day, adulterer by night
  • What harm could a kiss do?
  • She shook her head, “not again.”
  • Nothing to do with me officer

An Accidental Tale

The four stories aren’t written in the order I’ve listed them above. In fact, the first tale there was the last written, but they were the order I read them out at the meeting. However, once I’d finished reading them I discovered that the four six word stories, when read in that order, also worked as a longer narrative. Part of me wants to expand the story but I don’t think it would improve the writing at all.

Six Word Stories In General

I enjoy writing Six Word Stories and they will often appear on my Twitter account when I get bored or I spot a prompt which inspires a few words. While they aren’t real stories, often lacking either plot or character, they can make you pause and think about a topic which some would say is the point of writing.

You can check out more of my self-published stories here.

Have you tried writing your own six word stories? Why not share them in the comments below