I’ve already given some background on my story Victory Sandwich in its introduction however beyond giving the basic reason why the story exists it doesn’t really say much else so lets correct that now with an Author’s Note post.

Why It Exists

For those who don’t want to go back and re-read the introduction to Victory Sandwich, the story was written for an online competition called #LastLineFirst that ran on Natalie Bowers website. The only guidelines were that your story had to be under 200 words and start with the opening line Natalie provided. The week I entered the line was:

Sometimes you feel like you’ve just saved the world

This opening line linked itself, in my head, to the concept of ‘pride comes before a fall and so decided to write a story around that.

Location, Location, Location

Although it is never stated in the story the location is very clear in my head with the street that the narrator crosses being Great Western Road in Glasgow and the sandwich shop he visits is Piece on the same street. I changed the name as I was concerned that none-Scottish readers wouldn’t know what a ‘piece’ is and therefore I would need to explains that Piece is a sandwich shop and I didn’t have any words to spare. For those who don’t know a piece is Scottish slang word for a sandwich.

Victory Sandwich

I now can’t remember where I got the concept of a ‘Victory Sandwich’ from. I assume I got it from some American TV show such as Chuck or Scrubs but when I google the phrase the top hit is a sandwich shop in Atlanta, USA. Wherever I got the phrase from I really like it and think it is one of my better titles. I’m sure the concept will re-appear in my work again.

Does it work?

While I think there is some good stuff in Victory Sandwich, overall I feel that the story doesn’t quite work as it feels squashed in its tiny word limit. It could probably do with another hundred words or so to let the story breath and for the reader to get to know the character. However, that said I will write worse things and I still think it is a great title.

Let me know what you think of my story Victory Sandwich in the comments below!

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