BBC finally announced the actor who would play the 13th Doctor, taking over the role from Peter Capaldi at Christmas. For those who want to find out – or just want to enjoy the moment again – here is the BBC‘s intro video!

So Jodie Whittaker now has the key to the TARDIS and will be setting off on her adventures in 2018. However, as lots of folk have been asking me what I think I thought I’d stick it down in a quick blog article. This is very much first thoughts and will probably change after her adventures begin.

The Good

I’ve only Jodie in the first two series of Broadchurch (I’m hunting down Attack the Block as we speak!) but her acting impressed me and I think she’ll make a good doctor as this clip of Whittaker playing the title character in Antigone by Sophocles shows – opposite the 9th Doctor himself Christopher Eccleston!

The Bad

The only concern i have over her casting is that Whittaker lacks the odd looks of her two predecessors and looks very normal. Her Broadchurch co-star David Tennant suffered a similar problem especially when his Doctor was wearing a dinner suit. For example, of the two photos below one is a image from Tennant‘s time as the 10th Doctor and the other is his time as Hamlet but which one is which?

Image 1
Image 2

The Ugly

Just the crying of idiots on the internet who can’t deal with a female Doctor. My response to them is to quote a better man than me, the 6th Doctor!

What are your thoughts on the casting of Jodie Whittaker? Let me know below.

To find out the answers to the David Tennant photo quiz highlight the text below:

Image One – Doctor Who Series 3 – The Lazarus Experiment

Image Two – David Tennant as Hamlet