2018 Super Bowl Trailers

One of the best things about the Super Bowl is the new movie and TV trailers they show during the game. The 2018 Super Bowl Trailers were no one different. Below are my thoughts on the trailers for shows I was most interested in.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Due out in just over 3 months this is the first bit of footage we’ve seen from the troubled film and this trailer is a bit…well meh to be honest. A fuller trailer is due later today so maybe it’ll create more excitement but at the moment Solo is not looking good. Especially when The Force Awakens had such a great trailer.

Westworld Season Two

The only TV series on this list but Westworld is arguably as big as any of the movies – well may be apart from one – this mysterious trailer is everything I love about the show. I can’t wait for it to return after being off the air for a year now. Personally I think Westworld is better than Game of Thrones!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

If Westworld was mysterious than the 5th Jurassic Park film is confusing – and hopefully in a good way. The first trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom went in a clear, if not obvious, direction. This new trailer adds many odd things to the mix, including a young girl being hunted in her bedroom by a dinosaur! It’ll be an interesting watch for sure.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

The last two Mission Impossible films have been what you want from a franchise movie – entertaining in a very enjoyable way. Mission Impossible Fallout looks to continue this trend with wonderfully over the top stunts – and in places dialogue. At worst, it’ll be a very enjoyable night at the cinema. And finally, where else could we finish but what will be this year’s biggest film:

Avengers: Infinity War

While I’m getting bored with the Marvel formula, you can’t deny that Marvel know how to put a trailer together and write very entertaining characters. If they can pull off what they seem to be promising – lots of thrilling action with character deaths – then Avengers Infinity War will be a landmark movie. That is a big if though.

What is your favourite Super Bowl trailer? Let me know in the comments below