Ever since the first series I have loved the BBC drama The Fall. Yet I felt cheated by the final episode which went against everything I loved about the show. As this discussion will involve SPOILERS, i won’t say any more until after the break as I’d hate to ruin the show

This post contains spoilers for The Fall – mostly series three and the end of series 2! You have been warned!!

For me, the best thing about The Fall has been how everything has consequences, not always positive ones. An attempt to flush our the killer Phil Spector (Jamie Dornan) by Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) results in a lady being kidnapped. The problem is the final episode does the opposite of what makes The Fall, in my opinion, so good.

The Story So Far

At the end of series two Spector is shot while in police custody and is seen fighting for his life. After life saving surgery it is discovered that he has memory lose but no medical reasons to explain why. Series three is about whether Spector is faking his memory lose and if not, is he able to stand trial. The twist at the end of the second last episode was the police arresting him for a crime committed before the time he couldn’t remember.

The Problem

From this cliff hanger moment, The Fall went supersonic to get to the end of the story. Gone was the subtle and lightness of touch to be replaced by violent attacks and the suicide of Spector. Any sense of justice was pulled away making you wonder why they bothered making a third series at all. Actually if they’d let him die in the first or second episode we could have had a series looking at the consequences of him escaping justice. Instead we got a five-minute coda that didn’t even answer all our questions such as:

  • What happened to Spector’s wife? Last we heard she was refusing to talk lying on a hospital bed. Is she dead, serious depression?
  • What happened to Spector’s son, last seen lying unconscious in a ICU bed in the fictional Children’s unit of the Belfast General Hospital.
  • What about Katie Benedetto, Spector’s young lover and apprentice? Locked up in a young offenders unit, Stella seemed to have talked her round to the little but surely the death of her hero could take her in any direction.
  • How will his surviving victims, Rose Stagg and Annie Brawley, take the news of his death? How will it effect their recovery?
  • How will the families of Spector’s killing take his death due to a series of screw ups by different official bodies?
  • Was Tom Anderson still able to continue on the force? The bullet injury at the end of series 2 almost cut his career short, how will the broken arm on (possibly) the same arm effect this situation?

A Line of Duty style subtitle round-up would have been welcome to answer some of these questions and show the viewers some of the consequences that The Fall was so good at showing us.

What did you think of the ending of The Fall? Let me know in the comments below

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