Last time out I talked about my entry into July’s 50 Word Fiction Competition. As I said in that post, I didn’t win. What was worse however, that the winning entry not only did everything I was trying to do but was bloody brilliant at the same time as you can see below:

The two stories have a very similar plot, two people are saying goodbye to each other at an airport. The difference is that Nadia follows the advice Robert Currie published on the Scottish Book Trust website, especially this bit:

think about what you can do differently. Aside from your idea…think about writing in an unexpected style – an unusual tense, or a different point-of-view perhaps.

Nadia achieves this brilliantly. When I first read her story, I felt it was missing something. It seemed simple in a bad way. However, on my second read I realised what was missing, there is no description. Now, normally, this would be seen as a problem however, due to the length of Nadia’s story this is a huge positive. Striping the description away leaves the reader with the most important aspect of the story – the two characters and their words and thoughts. This allows all the emotion and meaning of the characters words to be clear and thus more powerful.

For this reason, I think it is as good as Jakki Henderson’s March 2013 winning entry however Jakki’s story is still my favourite. Nadia’s comes a close second though.

Do you agree? What do you think of Nadia’s story?

Nadia’s story, along with other winning entries of the 50 Word Fiction Competition can be found on the Scottish Book Trust Website