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Last Monday, Ryan Britt over on published 6 Doctor Who Aliens That Would Be Great For Season 12 (And 3 That Wouldn’t). Surprisingly(!) I don’t agree with Ryan’s choices but instead of ranting about why he is wrong, I thought I’d create my own list of Aliens I’d like to see return to Doctor Who. The following six suggestions are made up of Classic and New Who Monsters and all would work in the style of stories head writer Chris Chibnall is telling.


The Autons have welcomed in major changes throughout Doctor Who history. Their maiden appearance was not only the first appearance of the 3rd Doctor but also the first time the show was made in colour. They returned the following year and brought the Master with them for his debut. Finally, they were the first villain the 9th Doctor faced when the show returned in 2005.

They have always been an effective opposition to the Doctor. Now is the time to bring them back, especially with the rumours there will be a story about the damage plastic is doing to our oceans. What better villain for an environmental tale than a species made from living plastic.


The Draconians are a one and done monster from the 1970s. Appearing in Frontier in Space, they are a race of articulate reptilian humanoids who have a sophisticated and advanced culture like feudal Japan. More importantly, they weren’t portrayed as evil – something which is all too rare in Doctor Who.

In Frontier in Space, the MasterRoger Delgado‘s last appearance in the role–tries to start a war between the Darconians and Humanity. A modern update of this tale would provide an interesting challenge for the 13th Doctor. Just image Chris Chibnall‘s Silurian story The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood he wrote for the 11th Doctor but set in space.


6 Doctor Who Aliens That Would Be Great for Season 12

In his list, Ryan Britt suggested the Sontarons but I think their arch enemies the Rutans would be a much more interesting returning villain. They are a shapeshifting, large green glowing blobs of biomatter with long ropey tentacles who have been at war with the Sontarons for over 10,000 years. Shapeshifters always provide plenty of options for a writer to explore while today’s CGI and model work can vastly improve the slightly ropey version from 1977’s Horror of Fang Rock, the Rutans only appearance so far. I imagine something like the orb from series 11’s opener, The Woman Who Fell to Earth.

Sil from Thoros-Beta

Sil is a character than a species but he looks great and has an ideal evil personality. He is an amphibious slug based life form who only cares about profit. Arguably the ultimate zeitgeist villain for the moment, Sil is the alien version of billionaire capitalists like Donald Trump so what better time to bring him back to Doctor Who!


The Slitheen were NuWho’s first attempt at a repeat monster, appearing twice during the 9th Doctor’s single season. Although that was as much to do with budget saving than anything else as Russell T. Davies explained in Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts

We had tuppence for [Boom Town as]…the money had to be saved, somewhere. I looked at the stock material…Yes, there’s a Slitheen costume, and a CGI Slitheen already fully rendered.

Russell T. Davies, Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts

At this point I should point out Slitheen is a family name than a species name but for the sake of space I’ll stick with Slitheen. Their species name is Raxacoricofallapatorian and is rather long!

The Slitheen have always frustrated me as I felt they had potential over fart jokes and switching between lumbering practical effects and smooth CGI running. I’d love to see them deepened in the same way Star Trek did with the Ferengi. They went from one note aliens to having a deep cultural which, while problematic, felt real. I still believe the Slitheen could go on the same journey!


The Ood became one of the new series’ big returning monster. However, we haven’t had a full Ood story since the Planet of the Ood. Often seen as a slave race, the Ood can be used as a great sci-fi metaphor. Alternatively they could be used in a genre twist and explore their society in more depth. An Ood Murder Mystery could be a very interesting episode.

What Doctor Who Alien would you like to see return for Season 12? Let me know in the comments below

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