This week is turning into a bit of a Doctor Who special. First, I post about the 6 Doctor Who Aliens I would like to see return to the show and now the BBC surprises me with some new footage of my favourite companion. Check out the trailer for Doctor Who: The Collection Season 26 to see Ace return.

Who is Ace?

Ace (played by Sophie Aldred) has been my favourite Doctor Who companion for years and often inspires my own characters. She holds an unique place in Doctor Who history as the final companion of the classic series but also the prototype for the companions for the new series. The reasons for this last point are simple as explains in their article about the Season 26 trailer:

[Ace] was the prototype for the modern era’s companion with a solid personal growth arc, fierce independence, intricate backstory, and an avenue for exploring deeper emotions and human nature.

Tai Gooden,, DOCTOR WHO Brings Back Ace In A New Trailer

Ace is also the only companion not to have a leaving story. Her last Doctor Who story was 1989’s Survival which was filmed before the creators knew there would be no season 27. The speech, which closes the episode, was added after they heard the bad news. As it is one of my favourite Doctor Who speeches, and I never miss a chance to include it in an article, it is below

Ace Returns?

During Steven Moffat‘s era of Doctor Who he introduced the minisode. Stories of only a few minutes which takes place between the show’s episodes. I have discussed the Doctor Who Children in Need 2012 Special and The Night of the Doctor on here before. The latter showed us the end of the 8th Doctor‘s adventures filling in past events we hadn’t seen. While the Season 26 trailer isn’t as definitive as The Night of the Doctor, hopefully it’ll mean we’ll see more of Ace in Doctor Who.

Sarah Jane Adventures

There were plans for Ace to appear in the 6th season of the Sarah Jane Adventures. Sadly the show was cancelled part way through season 5 due to the death of lead actress Elizabeth Sladen. However, Ace not only got a mention in the show but it was the first reference to the organisation A Charitable Earth. The very organisation she is working for in the above trailer.

It would be great if Ace returns to Doctor Who but it is probably unlikely at this stage. It maybe the trailer for Doctor Who: The Collection Season 26 is all we great but at least we got to see her again, one last time.

Would you like to see Ace return to Doctor Who? What other companions would you like to see return?

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