When Casting Ruins Plot Twists

I was originally going to publish this post back in November but for a number of reasons I never hit the publish button. However, now the film in question is out on DVD I thought I’d resurrect this article from draft hell and release it onto the interwebs. This article will be full of spoilers for very obvious reasons but on top of this is, the problem is I can’t tell you for what movies as just mentioning the film reveals a spoiler because of the nature of this post. Therefore the break is appearing below the Ironstone rock! When Casting Ruins Plot Twists You’ve passed the first spoiler warning but here is the second for the movies mentioned in this post but for those who clicked below the line by accident here is another image of the Ironstone Rock and then we’ll get on with it…I promise! When Casting Ruins Plot Twists This post contains spoilers for Spectre I  very much enjoyed the latest James Bond movie Spectre but I was a little disappointed by one of the casting decisions as I felt it gave away a plot twist. The casting in question was Andrew Scott who plays Max Denbigh, a member of the British Government who you later find out is working for SPECTRE. While Scott is a great actor he is still very famous for one role, Jim Moriarty in Sherlock so the fact he turned out to be a bad guy was far from a surprise. This twist was so unsurprising that many of the readers of Den of Geek guessed the twist in their article announcing the film’s cast. Here are just a few examples: When Casting Ruins Plot Twists When Casting Ruins Plot Twists This kind of casting feels like the latest attempt by big budget movies to create twists where there aren’t any. Another example is when directors and stars lie about a character’s name to hide a plot twist. Something  Spectre also attempted with the same success rate as Star Trek Into Darkness and The Dark Knight Rises. I don’t get why movies try these especially in the days of social media and movie news website. Such games also affects the mouth to mouth reviews a movie gets as the obvious twist/character name lies makes the film look stupider, not better.

What do you think of casting actors who’ve played very famous villains as fake good guys? What is your favourite example? Tell me in the comments below

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