Last night the BBC realised a Doctor 50 Years’ Trailer. However, unlike most trailers, this one didn’t reveal any footage from the upcoming special. Rather it was a collection of still images stretching over the past fifty years. Watch the trailer and then check out what I think of it below:

The Trailer Itself

The trailer is a perfect example of that old footballing cliche “a game of two halves“. The first half of the trailer is excellent full of clever references to the show’s history. The best example is the policeman and open gate of the Foreman’s junk yard at the very start of the trailer which mimics the opening of the very first episode. Through those open gates we see the whole history of the show. It is a shame though that William Hartnall, the 1st doctor, looks like a bad wax work and we only see Patrick Troughton, the 2nd Doctor, in silhouette and from the back. However, they capture the personality of the eras of Doctor four and three. I truly love that image of the 3rd Doctor fencing with the Master.

Sadly, once Clara appears, just after the half way mark, the trailer seems to jump into fast forward. As the picture on the right shows, Doctors five to nine are all squashed into the same few seconds before finishing with close ups of the 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor.

Does the Trailer do it’s job?

Overall, the trailer is a good but I’ve seen better. My favourite Doctor Who ‘look-back’ Trailer was the one that preceded the Doctor Who TV Movie that focused on the regeneration sequences of each Doctor up to that point with some well picked quotes such as the Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart saying, after the 3rd Doctor has regenerated into the 4th:

Here we go again

The trailer finishes with Doctor Who‘s greatest speech, as far as I’m concerned, that closed the classic series back in 1989.

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