Beyond a brief hour on New Year’s Day, there will be no new Doctor Who until early 2020. For those missing the show that means either you can watch the old stuff on the BBC iPlayer or finding it in different forms. Well, the other day I came across a treasure trove of Doctor Who on Spotify.

All the Doctor Who audio plays are produced by Big Finish. For those who don’t know, Big Finish have been producing Doctor Who audio stories since 1999 and released over 820 episodes so far! Don’t worry Spotify only has 82 featuring a range of Doctors. With that in mind, below are five suggestions you can start with.

The Fearmonger

The 7th Doctor and my favourite companion Ace travel to a near future Britain where are far right political party are coming to power through the use of fear. At the same time there is a fear feeding alien also on the loose.

Storm Warning

At the time of its release Storm Warning was designed to be a continuation of the TV series in audio form. Picking up the 8th Doctor‘s story from where the TV movie left off, the story also introduced a new companion Charley Pollard. If you like this one there is another nine of their adventures also on Spotify.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts is a 5th Doctor story and origin tale of the Cybermen. Going back to their home planet of Mondas this story went onto inspired the 10th Doctor two parter Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel.


If the Cybermen can do it, then the Daleks can do it better! Jubilee, featuring the 6th Doctor, inspired the 9th Doctor tale Dalek in NuWho’s first series. The two stories couldn’t be more different but that is half the fun some times!

UNIT: Dominion

A mini series length story featuring the 7th Doctor. You don’t notice its length as it is a lot of fun with Alex Macqueen chewing all the audio scenery he can get his hands on. One small warning, it features returning characters from previous stories which I hadn’t listened to. It didn’t matter to me.

Will you be listening to Doctor Who on Spotify? If so, which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!