Alternative trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens a few weeks ago I’ve noticed a few others in a similar style to the trailer above. The final of the three trailers is totally different but considering the opinion my friends have of me regarding Inside Out it seemed wrong not to share. However, lets’ start with the good stuff.

The Original Star Wars Trailer

The first trailer I want to look at comes from YouTuber Tom Rae who in his own words:

loved the trailer for the new Star Wars film so wanted to re-make for the original trilogy in that style

and you can see that video below. I think he has done a great job and a nice celebration of the original and best trilogy.

The Prequel Trilogy Cut

Of course once there was a version for the original Star Wars trilogy a prequel cut would not be far behind. This version was created by YouTuber Max Nicholson. What makes his version even more interesting is that he tries to hide the twist from The Empire Strikes Back by using Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s original history about Darth Vadar from Star Wars: A New Hope giving it a more epic, mythological edge. This is a great idea however when, to quote Emily Asher-Perrin in her look back at Star Wars on,

we are, living in a world where no one hears the words “I am your father” without snickering behind their hand

it feels, sadly, a bit pointless. I still like it though.

Star Wars Meets Inside Out

And now for something completely different. Here is a ‘comedy’ video of the Emotions from Inside Out react to watching the latest Star Wars: The Force AwakensIt starts badly feeling like one of the Sky Broadband ads that were on British TV the same time as the movie was out. Once you are over that bumpy start it is mostly okay except for the odd jump where a character appears out of nowhere just for a gag – see one minute forty for an example starring Sadness.

Overall, it is a nice attempt but clearly shows what it is, a cut together using old footage. When you have the two examples above you realise the quality of fan videos available on the internet these days.

Which is your favourite alternative Star Wars Trailer? Tell me in the comments below

Even More Alternative Trailers for Star Wars collected together by @The_Red_Fleece (Tweet this link)