Piracy of Thrones

Thanks to my girlfriend I’m a late convert to the TV series Game of Thrones. We are watching it together and are about half way through the second. With this in mind I’ve been recently looking to buy series 3, that has recently finished its run on Sky Atlantic, so we can start watching it straight after series 2. Today, the news I had been dreading was confirmed by Den of Geek, series 3 won’t be realised till at least February 2014 in the USA. They go on to say that if the DVD release pattern follows previous years we won’t see the box set in the UK till March 2014. That is over eight months away. Now while this is very annoying on a personal level, I also believe it is a bad business decision. Only a few days ago website Business Insider reported that for a second year running Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV series. One of the reasons for this is that its fans can’t watch their favourite show legally. Surely it would be in HBO‘s interest to make the show available legally so they can make as much money from one of their most popular shows as possible especially in the run up to Christmas. I would rather pay £30 or so for the series 3 box set rather than browse dodgy websites looking for pirated versions and I imagine I’m not alone. If you know why HBO are taking so long to realise Game of Thrones series 3 post it below in the comments section. If you don’t know post your favourite, made up reason, why. The best (if it is shorter than 140 characters) will be posted on my Twitter!]]>

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  1. I believe they use it to ramp up to the next season. Release the DVD a couple of months before the next season comes out to ramp up interest!

  2. But surely they could ramp up equal amounts of interest through repeats or the special edition release with lots of extras and a pretty cover.

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