With the world on lockdown, I thought I’d share my some of my Happy Place TV Box Sets in case people are looking for something to watch. Like all good television, these shows aren’t always happy and light but are hopeful. Something I think we all need a little of right now. I have also only picked series which are easily accessible on a wide range of streaming services, so no need to go hunting through eBay to find one of my recommendations. Let’s start with the obvious choice:

Doctor Who – BBC iPlayer

All twelve series of NuWho is presently on the BBC iPlayer from 9th Doctor‘s breathy shout of “run” to 13th Doctor‘s shock at where she ends up at the end of the last season. With four clear eras in NuWho there is something for everyone in the fifteen years since Doctor Who returned to our screens.

You can find my reviews of various Doctor Who episodes here and my general thoughts on my Doctor Who here.

Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes – BBC iPlayer

DVD Box Art for Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes on my post Happy Place TV Box Sets

Doctor Who‘s more mature, slightly odder cousin Life on Mars, and it’s sequel series Ashes to Ashes, is more grown up and goes to some dark places but a joke is never far away. Life on Mars focused on DCI Sam Tyler who works up in 1973 after a car accident but has he gone back in time, is he dreaming? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you by the end.

Ashes to Ashes sees a different police officer – this time DI Alex Drake – go back to the early 80s. Despite knowing Sam’s story, it is still as difficult to cope with the weird world she finds herself in.

Both Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes are available now on the BBC iPlayer.

Legends of Tomorrow – Now TV

If Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes are odd, then Legends of Tomorrow is odd on steroids as the clip below shows:

In four and a half minutes from the season two premier there is swashbuckling, assassins with laser guns and seducing the Queen of France. It only gets odder from there with episodes around ensuring George Lucas makes Star Wars, their version of Tickle Me Elmo becoming a viking god and a hippie eating unicorn. If that won’t make you watch, nothing will. Be warned, however, start at the beginning on season two. The first season is almost unwatchable!

You can watch seasons two, three and four of Legends of Tomorrow on Now TV.

Timeless – Netflix

To continue the time travel theme, there is the fun throw away fluff of Timeless. Basically, a small group of American Government types chase the standard secret evil, ancient organisation through time in an attempt to save history but failing most of the time. More importantly, the show is fun, lightweight, and the performances carry it. It is twenty-eight episodes in total after it got cancelled early. There is a wrap up two-parter, but you can feel how rushed it is.

Timeless is available on Netflix.

Orphan Black – Netflix

A show not about time travel. Orphan Black is probably my favourite of the bunch. I don’t want to talk too much about the plot line as it is best left as a surprise. Instead, below is the description of the first episode from BBC America who made the series:

A streetwise hustler, Sarah Manning, witnesses the suicide of a stranger who looks just like her.

On top of the great premise, there is also a wonderful performance by star Tatiana Maslany. A career making performance.

All five series of Orphan Black are on Netflix now.

What are your Happy Place TV Box Sets? Let me know in the comments below.