Back in August I reviewed the Homeland Season 3 Trailer and made a few predictions about the season from what we saw. I promised then I would go back to the review after season 3 had finished and see how accurate I was. Overall I made seven predictions and below the break you’ll see how I got on.

Right or Wrong?

  1. Carrie’s Mental Health Will Breakdown – thankfully I started with a positive guess, however, nasty that sounds. To be fair it wasn’t a hard one as Carrie is always on the edge of a mental breakdown. The one thing I that, along with probably everyone else, didn’t realise is that much of it was show to trap Javadi. Still I’m claiming that as a positive result. Correct guess –  1/7
  2. Brody’s Family Will Continue to Suffer – while this is kind of came to pass, it really focused only on Dana, who I will talk about in a minute. Sadly Jessica and Chris, Brody’s wife and son respectively, barely seemed to be in season 3 so you didn’t really see the family. Wrong guess – 1/7
  3. Dana – I got this one completely wrong. She didn’t look into Brody’s past or experimented with Islam. Instead she got to do all the suffering of the Brody family as I said above. Sadly, another wrong guess – 1/7
  4. Senate Investigation – while shorter than I would have liked I’m quite happy to say I got this one right. In my trailer review I said “Often in these kind of shows, court room story lines can be presented as one-sided rather than the complicated mess they often are. I hope Homeland‘s version is as messy as possible with multiple points of view.” This happened, and while perhaps slightly one-sided, overall it was what I said would happen. Correct guess – 2/7
  5. The Search for Brody – this I also got correct. While we didn’t see much of the physical search, we didn’t need to. Also the show explained how he ended up back in the Middle East, which was another right guess of mine. Correct guess – 3/7
  6. Quinn – despite the fact Quinn turned into my favourite character over the course of the season, I got all his predictions wrong. The homemade bomb we saw he create in the trailer was for an Iranian official rather than Brody or a terrorist act. Wrong guess – 3/7
  7. Saul – he certainly carried the weight of the world on his shoulders for the season as he was constantly faced with difficult decisions and government getting in his way. Also he certainly said “I am so sorry” a lot during the season. While re-reading my post I realise I didn’t make much of a prediction when it came to Saul I’m claiming what I did say as correct. Correct guess – 4/7


Overall I got a rather solid 4 out of 7 (57%) which isn’t bad going for the first try. Let me know what you thought of Season 3 of Homeland below!