On the 9th of August the Homeland Season 3 Trailer was released on Showtime’s Youtube Channel. Having watched the show since it started on Channel 4, I’m very much looking forward to seeing where it will go next. Indeed, in my review of the second season for Culture Jam, I felt that:

Homeland could be one of the greatest TV series of this decade

However, for that to happen Homeland needs to spare its storytelling wings and look for new ways to tell Brody and Carries story. The increased focus on their daughter Dana helped last season and going by the trailer they are continuing that this series. The trailer is available below the cut!

Ever since the explosive final of series two, I’ve been quite excited for where season three will go. From what I’ve seen in the trailer – and everything below is only taken from the trailer – I shouldn’t be disappointed. My edited highlights (which may contain accidental spoilers) are:

  • Carrie’s Mental Health Will Breakdown – in many ways the character of Carrie is at her most interesting when she is on an edge of a breakdown. It is what makes her different from everyone else on TV. This series doesn’t look like it’ll be an easy ride for her!
  • Brody’s Family Will Continue to Suffer – one of the most interesting parts of Homeland has been Brody’s family. They are just an ordinary family thrown into chaos and they deal with it. This looks like it will continue with even greater intensity as before. Which leads me onto…
  • Dana. My favourite character from last year, looks like she’ll be getting more screen again this year. It’ll be interesting to see her looking into her Dad’s history and possibly experimenting with Islam. I just hope they do that storyline maturely and sensitively otherwise it could be embarrassing.
  • Something else that needs to be handled maturely is the Senate Investigation storyline we seem to be getting. Often in these kind of shows, court room story lines can be presented as one sided rather than the complicated mess they often are. I hope Homeland‘s version is as messy as possible with multiple points of view.
  • Of course, the main core of the season will be The Search for Brody which seems to be take him back to the Middle East. I hope they explain how he got there rather than just making him appear. Brody is now one of America’s Most Wanted remember.
  • Which brings me to Quinn. I can’t decide whether he is hunting Brody in a Black Ops fashion or whether he has gone rogue. The scenes of him in the trailer could be both, especially the home made bomb like device seen at 0:48 seconds.
  • And finally, we have Saul. Throughout the trailer he looks like a man with the worries of the whole world on him. It is especially interesting he has the only line of dialogue – beside the brief conversation Brody and Carrie have at the start of the trailer – in the whole trailer. More interestingly those words are: “I am so sorry.”

Homeland season 3 is due to start at the end of September on Channel 4, an exact date has yet to be released. Once the series is over I’ll look back come back to this post and see how right I was!