The Costumes of Jupiter Ascending
The Costumes of Jupiter Ascending

Last week I sat down to watch The Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending, expecting it to be as bad as its reputation. However, it wasn’t the 21t century Flash Gordon I was expecting it to be. In fact, I really enjoyed it and think it is a fun slice of space opera with some fabulous costumes.

Most of the criticism seems to be aimed at the script and how silly the whole thing is. To me, this just shows a lack of imagination in the viewer. Yes, Sean Bean plays a half human, half bee intergalactic former police officer. Is that any different from Leonard Nimoy playing a half human, half alien science officer? To continue the theme is a Russian cleaning lady being an reincarnated princess any dafter than saving the Planet Earth using a pair of time-traveling whales?

Eddie Redmayne

We have to talk about Eddie Redmayne‘s performance. It is certainly a performance. Rather than doing the usual over the top, chew every piece of scenery in sight, style of performance, he takes a novel approach. For a long time, there has been a trope in TV and film to play villains as queer and effeminate. Rather than trying to invert this trope, Redmayne plays every queer-coded villain he can think of. Personally, I rather enjoyed the performance as he doesn’t appear that often.

How good is Jupiter Ascending?

Fun and enjoyable is the quick answer. It isn’t the new Star Wars. However, if we pretend Jupiter Ascending was a Star Wars film, it would be sixth/seventh on my list alongside The Force Awakens. Jupiter Ascending is a big, bright attempt at bringing a new space opera to our cinemas. There probably won’t be any sequels, but I’m glad it exists.

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