Poster of the Golden Compass from my Introducing The Golden Compass Film Discussion

Today is the day that Philip Pullman publishes his new book La Belle Sauvage, the first volume of The Book of Dust series – a sequel series to Pullman‘s His Dark Materials trilogy. To celebrate this fact, I wanted to look at the only film they’ve made of the books so far. The Golden Compass Discussion will be made up of two articles I’ve previously posted on my various blogs.

Introducing Golden Compass Film Discussion

I’ve loved the original trilogy since my university days and I’ve talked a bit about them on previous blogs before so to celebrate the launch of the new book I’ll be re-publishing my original trailer review for The Golden Compass as a Ghost of Blogs Past. The following day I’ll publish a re-watch review of the film that refers back to the trailer review post to see if my concerns from 2007 are still true today. I’ll list both articles below once they are published.

Golden Compass Film Discussions

I have talked about His Dark Materials in passing on this website before and you can read these articles by clicking on this link here.

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