Over the past week my girlfriend has been making me watch Disney’s most recent animated movies: Tangled, Frozen and The Princess and The Frog. While I watched them, especially the first two, I realised they felt like superhero movies in many ways. Of course my brain then tried to create a League of Extraordinary Disney Characters. You can find out who I picked below!

What Is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

The short answer is that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a comic book created by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill in 1999. The original concept was to create a superhero team made up of Victorian literary characters with the first team being made up of Mina Murray, from Dracula, Allan Quatermain of King Solomon’s Mines fame, Jekyll and Hyde, The Invisible Man and Captain Nemo.

The Rules

Before you create any kind of list you need to create rules so here are mine:

  • I will only select characters from animated movies created by Disney released in the cinema. This means no Pixar or Studio Ghibli.
  • The no Pixar rule is due to the fact that they already have a superhero team in the form of The Incredibles and I wanted to avoid obvious choices.
  • The characters can be selected at any point in their timeline, not just where the movie ended.

The League of Extraordinary Disney Characters

My team is:

Queen Elsa of Arendelle: It only seems fair she is in this team considering she basically inspired it. My reasons why should be obvious, she is basically Storm from X-men and so has amazing ice powers that would be come in very useful. She would also be the leader of my time as she is the highest rank and learnt how to be a great leader (see Frozen)

Rapunzel: Not only is her hair an amazing asset, as shown in the movie Tangled, she can also heal anyone who might get hurt.

Beast: No superhero team would be complete without some muscle and mine comes in the form of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He is a strong, fiery fighter who can work well as a team, if he can control his temper!

Hercules: Another man of muscle but when you have access to a demigod you can’t really say no can you. If the Avengers can have Thor then my League of Extraordinary Disney Characters can have Hercules.

The Genie: We’ve got the muscle but now we need something a bit different. Enter the Genie and his magic. He can be anything from quartermaster to artillery. If nothing else he’d make the rest of the team laugh if everyone needed cheering up.

Tinkerbell: If my Facebook is anything to go by this choice is controversial! Tink, as she is known to her friends, is my spy with the bonus of an extra bit of magic and plenty of anger if it should be required.

Maximus: For those who don’t know this is the horse from Tangled who by the end of the movie (a small spoiler here!) is the head of the palace guard and whips out crime in the kingdom. He has been chosen because of these crime fighting skills, his ability with a sword and general awesomeness.

Now you’ve seen my team who would be in your League of Extraordinary Disney Characters?