As well as seeing the popcorn pleaser Thor: Ragnarok over the weekend I also saw the much smaller UK/Poland animated movie Loving Vincent. What makes this biographical tale of Vincent Van Gogh stand out is the animation style: each frame is an oil painting on canvas like a Van Gogh painting. Don’t believe me, check out the trailer below:

As you can see the animation is definitely beautiful but is there more to the movie than pretty pictures? You’ll have to click below the break to find out

The Animation

First lets talk about the animation. As the trailer shows the film has two forms of animation – the present day colour and brush strokes and the traditional black and white flashbacks. The later worked better for me than the former as it gave the character’s more details and definition, especially in the wide shots. I think it is safe to say that Van Gogh‘s style was not designed for movement.

The Rest of the Film

While it may seem quite dramatic to lump the rest of the film into a single category this film was very much sold on the animation style, which is a good thing as there isn’t much more beyond it. Don’t get me wrong the performances are good – even if Chris O’Dowd strong Irish accent was a little off-putting. The story itself is a nice little mystery that doesn’t quite come to anything but is a nice example of how people view the world differently and mental illness. Sadly the biggest issue is the script which is a bit clunky at times. It often feels the characters are taking at each other rather than two each other. Overall, I would recommend seeing this film to anyone who has an interest in animation, interested in Vincent Van Gogh or wants to know more about him.

Have you seen Loving Vincent? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!