The Night of the Doctor Minisode

BBC released a minisode prequel to the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. If you wish to avoid the best part of the minisode being spoiled I’d go and watch it now! (Sadly I had the reveal ruined for me on Twitter by io9) Honestly you won’t regret it!

Watched it? You sure? Good

I can know talk about the most exciting bit…Paul McGann is back, The 8th Doctor! One of the greatest Doctors ever and the most unlucky as he was, up to this point, stuck with a single appearance in the 1996 Doctor Who movie in which he was brilliant. Again here is he equally good even if the story itself feels a bit rushed. The almost companion of Cass (Emma Campbell-Jones) shows the devastating effect the Time War is having on the Universe. It is very interesting that everyone else in the universe consider the Time Lords and the Daleks as bad as each other. I’m sure we’ll see more of this played out in the 50th anniversary special. The nice thing about the minisode is that it is filled with call backs to earlier stories. The Sisterhood of Karn, led by Clare Higgins‘ Ohila are from the 4th Doctor story “The Brain of Morbius” first shown in 1976 while the list of companions the Doctor lists off before he regenerates is from his Big Finish range – a collection of audio stories that continued the adventures of Doctor Who when the show was off the air. Overall The Night of the Doctor is good fun if not great. As I said earlier the story feels rushed and I would have loved to see the 8th Doctor go out on a high rather than feeling forced into becoming the War Doctor – or whatever we are calling John Hurt‘s regeneration this week. Overall though this is a great prequel and has made me more excited for The Day of the Doctor than any of the trailers!