1. By my reckoning there has been eight blockbusters this year which are all included below. After checking io9 and Den of Geek the only two other possible options would be Fast and Furious 7, which came out in the spring, and San Andreas that no remembers.
  2. These are just my opinions and while I’ll defend them in the comments by saying they aren’t the definitive answer or anything like it.
  3. With point 2 in mind, it is important to note that film at the bottom of this list is far from the worse film ever made while the film at the top of this list is far from the best

With that in mind let’s start:

8. Terminator Gensys

Starting with a terrible reason for no reason at all, this film doesn’t get any better. The plot is as dull as plodding as most of the actors in the film with Emilia Clarke, her name sake Jason, and Matt(hew) Smith all looking bored and flat compared to their normal levels of performance. Jai Courtney is worse and could have easily been replaced by a cardboard cut out for most of the running time. Only J.K. Simmons and Arnie look like they are having any fun!

7. Fantastic Four

Probably the film with the lowest expectations of the summer. For many these were met but I didn’t think it was quite so bad as the internet suggested it would be. The biggest mistake the film made was trying to squeeze the Fantastic Four into the story it wanted to tell. If they’d cut the comic book foursome and called itself Planet Zero it would have got an easier ride. Some interesting ideas lost in the geek hate.

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Perhaps the first surprise on this list as this was meant to be the film of the summer. Simply it felt half-finished with huge chunks carve out of its storyline for run time reasons and Age of Ultron doesn’t really recover. Very enjoyable but all style and no substance.

5. Ant-man

Before the summer no one would have expected Ant-man to finish above Age of Ultron in a list of this summer’s films. Perhaps this lack of expectation helped but Ant-man just feels more complete than Age of Ultron. Yes the first half seems to spend too long trying to prove to its audience why it should be considered a Marvel movie. However, once the conversation in the car hands, Ant-man hits its stride and delivers one of the best second halves of any Marvel movie.

4. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Only above Ant-man because it is more confident starting with a bang and does what 21st century Mission Impossible films do with style. Helps it is basically a re-make of The Living Daylights and so keeps you tidied over until Spectre comes out in October.

3. Inside Out

Given the heat I took for my opinions on Inside Out (which you can read here) many will be surprised that is comes number 3. Inside Out is a very well made, and in places, very enjoyable movie. My problem with it is having an unsympathetic bully as the main character and missing the chance to tell a much more interesting story than the one it choose to do so.

2. Jurassic World

While I enjoyed this movie more than the number one spot, this film has more flaws. The characters are mostly plot explaining devices with the odd spot of human emotion. However, you don’t go to see Jurassic World for the human characters. You do for the dinosaurs and the disaster movie style set pieces with an ending that’ll make you cheer. This year’s Godzilla. Also can non-human characters help a movie pass the Betchel Test?

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

The definition of a summer blockbuster. A huge explosive movie filled with spectacle and good characters which needs to be seen on the big screen! Clearly the movie of the summer.

Agree with my choices? Tell me in the comments below? 

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