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It has been three weeks since the final episode of Doctor Who’s 12th Series, The Timeless Children, graced our screens. In that time, I’ve been thinking what I’ve wanted to say on here about the season. Anyone who spends even just a little time on this website will see I spend a lot of time writing about Doctor Who.

At first I thought about doing a Series 12 version of Doctor Who Series 11: It’s Fine but I’d be repeating myself. While Series 12 doesn’t contain one of the worst episodes ever of Doctor Who, neither are any of the episodes particularly great either.

The biggest change between the two series is the boldness of the storytelling. Series 12 really hits for the fences a few times with many big ideas, twists and revelations. It is the biggest of these I want to look at in more depth.

Since it was hinted at in The Ghost Machine, the fans have been wondering who the Timeless Child was. While most guessed who the Timeless Child was, I’m many didn’t guess the full effect the child would have on the show’s mythology.

Spoilers for Doctor Who Series 12 below.

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Key Plots Points of The Timeless Children

On Gallifrey, The Master forces the Doctor to enter the Matrix and reveals she is the Timeless Child. Her memories before the time of the 1st Doctor were erased, so she finds out she was found by a space explorer called Tecteun who adopts her and studied her ability to regenerate, which was used to create the Time Lords.

A Shocking Revelation?

Not really, no. I prefer my Doctor to be an every person who does what she does because she thinks it is right, not because she is the Special One, a trope I find dull and deterministic.

The revelation of the Timeless Child is both predictable and changes nothing in the show’s mythology. The Doctor is still a Time Lord, she can still travel in time and space. The only difference is she isn’t from Gallifrey but somewhere else. A fact so unimportant it took the show over ten years to name Gallifrey in the first place.

Worst of all, it is The Master who reveals all this information to the Doctor. As she says in the episode, “Why should I trust you?” A future writer could undo this whole thing saying The Master lied.

A Different Timeless Child

The concept of the Timeless Child and the role they had creating the Time Lords is good, so I’d focus on making it have a greater effect on our characters. The best way to do this is to chance the Timeless Child from being the Doctor to The Master. This change does several things.

First, it gives an explanation why The Master felt the need to kill the Time Lords. Hiding the fact he was the Timeless Child would be the latest of a long line of abuses the Time Lords have committed against him. It would also explain why they resurrected him during the Time War.

It would also change the relationship The Master has with the Doctor. As The Timeless Child shows, The Master would think the Doctor hates having some of The Master in her, when in fact I don’t think she would care. This rejection would further fuel The Master‘s love/hate relationship with the Doctor. He just wants the Doctor to like him and her not caring about him being part of her would further annoy him.

What did you think of the revelation of the Timeless Children? Let me know in the comments below.