Poster of the film Troy from my blog post A Few Thoughts On The Movie Troy

On Friday night I caught the final hour or so of the 2004 movie Troy. Having seen the movie when it first came out, and not being the biggest fan of the film, my mind started to wonder and the following things occurred to me so here for a few thoughts on the movie Troy

The Importance of Casting

This whole posted started with this single thought that I tweeted:

Now I’m not saying Brad Pitt is a bad actor, he isn’t, however in Troy he is dull and humorless. All he seems to do in the movie is walk around looking beautiful and speaking in a slightly odd accent. The Thor movies could have gone in a very similar direction if it wasn’t for the nature charisma of Chris Hemsworth. Just out look at his cameo in the 2009 Star Trek movie to full understand what I mean. At the opposite end of the scale is Brian Cox, playing Agamemnon, who seems to have just graduated from the Brian Blessed School of Acting before Troy was made. Anything that reminds you of Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon is not a good thing. See the YouTube clip below to see why.

The Game of Thrones Connection

Mostly thanks to the presence of Sean Bean, Troy feels similar to Game of Thrones. It was only when the titles came up I realised that the film and the TV show share a writer, David Benioff. According to IMDB Troy and Game of Thrones share 67 crew members in total. The other two recognisable faces were James Cosmo, who played Jeor Mormont and Julian Glover‘s Grand Maester Pycelle. I’m sure these connections are coincidences rather than planned, but it is still interesting.

A Possible TV Series?

Following on from the Game of Thrones‘ link, you would think that the Trojan War would make an excellent TV series, especially when you consider that the Trojan War supposedly took almost 10 years to fight. For example, the first season could be the set up for the war with Helen‘s elopement with Paris and the Greeks preparing to rescue her/destroy Troy. From series two on wards the producers can use the same sets for four or five years easily. I’m now excited for a Trojan War TV series now that will probably never exist. Oh well!