Today is both International Women’s Day and the release date of Captain Marvel, the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or the MCU as it is more commonly known). This is not a coincidence as after twenty movies Marvel have finally released a film about a female superhero. Unsurprisingly, a small dark, grubby corner of the internet got very upset over Captain Marvel and made it their latest battleground in the ongoing cultural war around diversity and equality. Below I’ll look at their paper thin complaint against the film and its star Brie Larson before explaining what you can do to help the problem.

Brie Larson Hates Men

According to this grubby corner of the internet, the problem with Captain Marvel is its star Brie Larson hates white men. The reason they give for this belief is that she highlighted that most of the people who interviewed her and the professional critics who commented on her films were white men. Frankly, this is a fair criticism of both industries and makes our cultural landscape poorer for it as the more diverse the people creating our cultural are, the more diverse our cultural becomes. A great example of this is the review below of Battle of Soho – a documentary about the history of Soho in London – by Clarisse Loughrey. Part way through the review Clarisse and the presenter Sanjeev Bhaskar discuss their memories and experiences of Soho which are very different to the stories often told about the place because of their age or ethnic background.

Girls playing with boys’ toys.

The real reason for this reaction to Captain Marvel is the same reason sections of the internet attacked Ghostbusters (2016), they don’t like girls playing with their toys. Whatever the reason for this, they used the same tactics against Captain Marvel as they did against Ghostbusters (2016), down voting and trying to create as much negative press as possible against the movie. Or at least they tried to but movie websites have got wise to this practice with Rotten Tomatoes removing its “Want to See” feature because:

an uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general readership

Of course, this annoyed the grubby internet people, who have added censorship to their list of complaints but they’ll never be happy about Captain Marvel.

How can you help?

Watch Captain Marvel is the short version and once you’ve watched it rate it on whatever website you can. Don’t lie, but the more honest reviews the film gets, the better. You don’t even have to like the movie but Hollywood economics is the important thing here. Captain Marvel will probably turn out to be the standard Marvel 7 out of 10 movie, fun at the time of watching but forgotten a few minutes after you leave the cinema. All the money men will care about is how much the movie made and if it performs under performs, they’ll blame it on the one obvious difference between Captain Marvel and every other Marvel movie – it is a female lead action movie.

Let me know what you think of Captain Marvel in the comments below!