Thunderbirds Are Go

I caught up on this week’s episode of Thunderbirds Are Go at the weekend and in many ways the episode summed up my issues with the issue. Before I go any further I should say Thunderbirds Are Go is one of the few shows I make sure I catch up with every week. It is big, dumb, childish fun best summed up by the opening credits below For those who don’t know anything about Thunderbirds Are Go, it is a CGI remake of the 1960s puppet show Thunderbirds originally created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. As you’d expect it has been updated but there are a couple of things I have issues with. Find out more below the break.

Bad Decisions Making

The more I watch the show, the more I get the feeling is that many of the people they have to save or situations they have to stop happens because of their own mistakes. This week the example was when Scott Tracey, pilot of Thunderbird 1, wrecked one of Thunderbird 2‘s pod by taking a route he knew was dangerous. The worst example of this was in episode 7 of the series ‘Runaway’ where International Rescue have to deal with a runaway train – guess where they got that title from? As you’d expect there is a moment when the runaway train might crash into a much slower train. However, at the last moment International Rescue manage to switch the runaway train onto a different track. Shame a big city is at the other end. Surely it would have been better to push the slower train onto that track?

Gender Imbalance

The other issue that nibbles at the back of my mind is the lack of women in the series. They have tried to deal with this with Tin-tin Kyrano – now called Tanusha “Kayo” Kyrano due to a copy right issue – being made head of security for Tracey Island and given her own Thunderbird in the form of the Shadow and of course Lady Penelope is still around but I think they missed a trick by not introducing more women. They could have done this in two ways:
  1. Do a Battlestar Galactica and gender swap a couple of the brothers into sisters, or
  2. Create new female characters
I must prefer the second option. Why not create the Tracey Sisters to work alongside the Tracey Brothers? Each new sister could fly (can you fly a space station/submarine?) one of the Thunderbirds alongside one of their brothers. You could even continue the naming conversation and name them after the first five female astronauts. This would also allow each pilot to get some sleep. You have to wonder what would happen if John Tracey was asleep when an emergency call comes into Thunderbird 5? How does this tie into this week’s episode? The Tracey Brothers being shattered was a plot point!]]>

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