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Things have changed around here. You probably have noticed. I’ve ditched the old blog format and gone for something that looks a bit more websity so it seems suitable to do a general round-up of all the changes and other news that is happening.

Website Update

As I said back in January I wanted to change this website away from the blog format into something that focus much more on my creative writing. I feel the new format does this with three out of the six menu options focusing on my writing. I’ve also added links to my Author’s Notes article below each of the stories that have one. The biggest change has been to the blog where lots of my old categories have been slimmed down into a single category called General Musings. This will allow me to focus on my Author’s Notes articles. For those who liked my TV and Movie Reviews can still find them under Old Projects and I’m hoping to upload all the reviews to this site shortly. Other things I want to add to the site is changing all the links to the colour red but this is a major re-coding job and will take time.

Writing News

I’m afraid there is no good news in regarding to my writing. In about a week I received emails saying I’d been rejected/lost four writing competitions. Of course it wasn’t easy reading those emails but these things happen. I’ve still got a couple of stories out in the big wide world which I’m hopefully will be well received. On the self publishing front I published Victory Sandwich, my entry into the #LastLineFirst comp from March and I’ve got another piece of Flash Fiction coming shortly so look out for that.