Recently I renew the domain name for this site for another two years and I thought it was the prefect opportunity to take stock and work out the future of the website. It is safe to say that this website, especially the blog, doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It is also fair to say that a lot of my blog postings are kind of random and probably not that interesting. As I still want a website base for my writing The World of The Red Fleece will still be here but I would like to make some changes and I would like YOUR opinions on what I should change. Below the break you’ll find the details of what I’m wanting to do and the areas where I would like your ideas.

Some of the Changes I’m Thinking Of

Here you will find a list of ideas and changes I’m wanting to make to The Red Fleece and the reasons for them:

  • With Culture Jam sadly being no more, I will be reducing down their importance on the site, this includes my Another Servicing of Culture Jam posts.
  • Contacted to that I will be reducing down the number of Blog Categories I presently have. At the moment Ghosts of Blogs Past and Author’s Notes are the only two which will definitely continue.
  • The reason for getting rid of these categories is that many of the articles in these categories are frankly done better by other sites such as io9, Den of Geek etc.
  • I’m thinking of creating two new categories to cover the articles I have enjoyed writing the most, and my re-reads of books from my childhood. Would people like to see more of these posts?
  • No more re-watches cos I get bored of them really easily!

Your Ideas

What would you like to see on this site? What posts or topics and you particularly enjoy and which ones do you think didn’t work? Any feedback at this point would be great with more ideas, suggestions and comments the better. Thank you in advance!]]>