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Welcome to the my new website and blog. My blog posts will fit into seven categories:

  • Another Serving of TV Jam – These are posts are designed to follow on from my posts in TV Jam.
  • Ghosts of Blogs Past – this isn’t my first blog and so I’ve rescued some of my better articles from previous attempts. They will be edited before being republished.
  • Going To The Movies – my thoughts and opinions on all things film, from the latest blockbusters to 1930s horror movies and beyond.
  • News – like this very post, this category will be used for any news in my lift such as articles being posted else where.
  • Telly Talk – want to know my thoughts on TV check out this category. Warning, there will be a lot of Doctor Who!
  • Trailer Talk – my thoughts on TV and Movie Trailers both old and new.
  • What I’ve Read – the book stream that will be updated whenever I finish reading something that is worth blogging about – so not often!

These categories will probably be added to over the years as this blog, hopefully, takes off and becomes big. For now I hope you enjoy your time here!