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For those who have checked out my What I Have Written page recently will have noticed two things recently:

  1. I’ve done a lot of TV reviews for TV Jam on a wide range of programmes, and
  2. The links for these reviews no longer work

Dealing with point two first, this is because TV Jam has recently changed its name to Culture Jam so it can now review a wider range of cultural things, from music to comedy via books and of course TV. As you will have already seen from this very website I will be posting more than TV Reviews with them shortly. Once the gremlins have been chased out of the new site I’ll fix the links so you can read all my reviews again.

The reason I posted this tonight is that I’ll be spending most of my evening watching shows I plan on reviewing for Culture Jam and I wanted your thoughts on both programmes.

At 8.30pm on BBC Two I’ll be tuning into the third episode of Count Arthur Strong. Co-written by and starring Steve Delaney, this half hour comedy is about the continuing adventures of ex-variety star Count Arthur Strong. I’m doing a Have You Been Watching… review which means I’ll be reviewing the whole series so the actually review won’t be appearing till next week at the earliest. Then at 9pm, I’ll be switching over to BBC Four for Burton and Taylor. This feature length drama tells the story of the last time Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor appeared together on stage. Considering they were married and divorced twice, it promises to be full of conflict. If you watch either show let me know what you think of both shows below! Oh and keep an eye out for my reviews in the next week or so!