Image from Captain America Winter Soldier Review

You can tell that summer is coming. The clocks have sprung forward taking an hour of precious sleep with it and comic book movies are starting to appear in the cinema. Leading the way this year is Marvel’s latest film Captain America: Winter Soldier starring Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson.

The film is everything you’d expect from a Marvel movie filled with light comedy and half-baked action set pieces that go on for a little too long. The issue is that after eight films you want something a little bit different and sadly the film starts off on the wrong foot – its title. For the majority of the film the character of the Winter Soldier is no more than a mute heavy who is there to give our hero a fight he won’t instantly win. Even when the truth behind his character is reveal, the film doesn’t do much with it leaving it to be picked up in the already announced sequel.

If you want a title that describes the movie it should have been called either Captain America: Office Politics with Guns or Captain America: The Heavy Handed Metaphor. The movie tries to present a morally grey world where the decisions taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. are examined and debated. Sadly this greyness is only dust that once wiped off the lens reveals the standard black and white world of all the other Marvel movies. The problem is that the villains are obvious from the get go as none of the regular cast carry seem to be anything other than good. These questions faced bigger moral questions in the Avengers than they did here.

Overall Captain America: Winter Soldier is far from a bad film. It is highly enjoyable, especially Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, but never rises above the clichés of its genre despite how much it tries.