TV Reviews 2012 TV ReviewsBig Fat Quiz of the Year 2012 Channel 4 Comedy Channel 4 is famous for its late night comedy. Whether it’s an edgy off the wall chat show hosted by someone the producers found wandering around Soho or panel games that are at their funniest after you’ve drunk a six-pack of lager, they’ve become a part of the TV landscape and launched many a career. 2012 TV ReviewsDoor’s Open ITV Comedy/Drama It’s the day after Christmas and nothing is stirring, not even the cat. It’s a day when you want unchallenging TV, the kind you can pop on and let wash over you as familiar faces guide you through uncomplicated, gentle plots.   TV Reviews 2012Homeland Series 2 Channel 4 Drama The first season of Homeland was one of the best programmes on TV. It should have been a difficult act to follow, but so far season two has been even better as the show has expanded its focus to create a wider, more involving story line.   2012 TV ReviewsLast Tango in Halifax BBC 1 Comedy/Drama Last Tango in Halifax is very English – in the best possible way. Only the English could produce a gentle love story between two pensioners falling in love again after nearly forty years but still include sub plots about suicide, alcoholism and whether your parents regret the relationship that produced you in the first place. 2012 TV Reviews Secret State Channel 4 Drama/Thriller Channel 4’s Secret State is a taut and gripping political thriller ‘inspired’ by Chris Mullin’s novel A Very British Coup. The plot follows Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins, played by Gabriel Byrne, as he tries to keep control of a chaotic situation.    ]]>