Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012Channel 4 is famous for its late night comedy. Whether it is an edgy off the wall chat show normally hosted by someone they found in Soho or panel games that are at their funniest when you’ve drunk a six-pack of lager or strong alcohol in general they have become apart of the TV landscape and launched many a career. This year’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year went one stage further and let the drunks into the studio!

Big Fat Quiz of the Year is Channel 4’s sidewise comic look at the year that has just been focusing on the dafter, sillier stories of the year. For example their Olympic questions were about whether a rower had an erection during this medal presentation or did Michel Philips pee in the shallow end.

The format is simple but brilliant. Quiz master Jimmy Carr asks three teams of celebrities, mostly comedians, questions about the year with one team installed as the class jokers for the evening. Thanks to the Daily Mail everyone knows this year’s class clowns were Jack Whitehall and James Corden.

Throughout the programme their jokes were funny and no different in content from last year’s show or other panel shows on a number of TV channels, although the quality dipped the drunker they got. However, it was genius that they ordered a takeaway pizza delivered to the studio half way through the show.

Sadly they also dominated the show the way other year’s class clowns haven’t. One of the reasons this happened was because the other teams, Jonathan Ross/Russell Howard and Richard Ayoade/Gabby Logan, didn’t produce jokes of the same quality and quantity as the now infamous team. Ayoade and Logan were one of the worst combinations I’ve seen on the show highlighted when, from round 2 onwards, where they gave different answers and just stopped being a team. Logan, more use to getting dull sporting comments out of bored pundits, would have probably worked much better with Jonathan Ross who is use to getting ‘comedy’ out of such situations.

Talking of Logan part of her role was being the token women – something I wish Channel 4 would stop. There are many funny and interesting women out there who are as good as the men who were on the show. Please change it for next year.

One thing they shouldn’t change is the question style. Mixed in the usual mystery guest and celebrity cameos are the shows three strongest elements: the Mitchell Brook Primary School Play, Jon Snow reporting on a pop song and Charles Dance reading a book. If there is anything cuter than Mitchell Brook Primary’s version of the Queen’s Jubilee over Christmas this year than I missed it. Charles Dance reading of 50 Shades of Grey was better. It was so good Channel 4 need to buy the rights to the book and give him the lead role. It could be their version of Last Tango in Halifax!

Like previous year’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012 is well worth a watch. Like Whitehall and Corden grab a bottle of wine and a takeaway pizza and enjoy. If it offend the Daily Mail, it has to be funny!