Ah, the end of the year. Just as the Queen polishes her gongs to hand out to whoever the government tells her to, Channel 4 dusts off Jimmy Carr and places him in front of six panelists to review the year that’s just passed. As the reliable format never changes, the quality of the show depends on the panelists. For the 2013 edition we were treated to a solid line up that included Mighty Boosh alumnus Noel Fielding, the I.T. Crowd’s Richard Ayoade, Jack ‘I’m in everything at the moment, so why not this too?’ Whitehall, Jonathan Ross, Dara O Briain and US comic Kristen Schaal. Last year’s teams had about as much chemistry as a reality TV star’s marriage, but thankfully this year’s lot really clicked, allowing the comedy to pour out of the screen. Schaal deserves particular as she started the show very much out of her depth. She only landed from America that morning and had no idea who her fellow panelists are (could you imagine not knowing who Jack Whitehall was? What bliss). She certainly didn’t know the answers to the British centric questions. However, as the show went on she found her feet very quickly and soon became one of the very best parts of the episode. The other pairs were equally as good, especially Ross providing Whitehall with family friendly jokes after his issues’ last year. As this is Jack Whitehall we are talking about Ross’ pun based gags were much funnier than any of JW’s own jokes. Alongside the usual highlights of Mitchell Brook Primary acting out major events from the year – in this case, the NSA listening into world leaders – not to mention Jon Snow reporting on Miley Cyrus’ song Wrecking Ball and Charles Dance reading the autobiography of a reality TV star (complete with text talk and hash tags); the highlight of the show was Danny Dyer’s cameo as ‘bloke who has the piss taken out of him’. The best bit was that he wasn’t in on the joke. I think if Jimmy Carr hadn’t stopped them he would have walked off. If he wasn’t so much of a male sex organ you’d be almost sad for him. As it is, just join in! As always, Big Fat Quiz of the Year is best enjoyed with a couple of drinks and some friends who love childish humour. If you don’t like either of those things then – well- sorry. That sounds like a real shame. Have some Strongbow.]]>