Movie Reviews 2014 Movie and TV Reviews Captain America: Winter Soldier Marvel ★★★ You can tell that summer is on its way. The clocks have sprung forward (taking an hour of precious sleep with them) and a whole host of family-pleasing, CGI filled comic book movies are starting to appear in the cinema.   hobbitThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug New Line Cinema ★★ Dr Watson walks into a mountain and discovers that his best friend has turned into a dragon. No, I didn’t gorge on a lifetime’s supply of LSD before watching the new series of Sherlock. I’m actually talking about the new Hobbit Movie, otherwise known as The Desolation of Smaug… 2014 TV and Movie ReviewsThe Lego Movie Warner Brothers ★★★★★ Would you believe me if I told you that there is a film out in the cinema which is effectively a remake of the Matrix directed by David Lynch using Lego? Would it help if I told you this movie was a mainstream film aimed at a family audience? No? What if I told you it was awesome? Movie & TV Reviews 2014Muppets Most Wanted Disney ★★★ In true postmodern tradition, the opening song featured in Muppets Most Wanted is a musical number about doing a sequel. The song is witty, smart and full of satirical comments about the Hollywood system, even finding time to point out that sequels are never quite as good as initial films. 

TV Reviews

Movie and TV Reviews 2014Series Two of Bluestone 42 BBC 3 Of all the things to come out of the UK invading Afghanistan in 2011, a BBC 3 comedy show about a bomb disposal squad trying not to get killed is probably the most surprising outcome. What’s even more surprising is that it was good- very good.     2014 Movie and TV ReviewsForget the Oscars, Here are the Kermodes 2014 BBC 2 As you may have noticed, it’s awards season at the moment. This means that groups of famous people – a few who even have some talent – come together to congratulate each other for managing to appear in a film without looking too stilted or bored.     2014 TV and Movie ReviewsJonathan Creek Series 5 BBC 1 The much trumpeted return of long running BBC dramedy Jonathan Creek just finished its shortened run on BBC1. And sadly, it had a fatal flaw.     2014 Movie and TV ReviewsLine of Duty BBC 2 In case you’re one of the three people in the UK who haven’t heard of it, Line of Duty is a punch-you-in-the -stomach police procedural drama that keeps on pounding its audience with shocking twists and turns.     2014 Movie and TV ReviewsOur Gay Wedding: The Musical Channel 4 It would be easy to make this review into one long string of cliches about singing men and camp choirs, but Our Gay Wedding: The Musical deserves much more respect than that, not least because it was the most perfect way that any TV show could have chosen to celebrate the legalisation of same sex marriage.]]>