As you may have noticed, it’s awards season at the moment. This means that groups of famous people – a few who even have some talent – come together to congratulate each other for managing to appear in a film without looking too stilted or bored. The best bit of the whole awards-handing-out period is the long arguments that happen up and down the country between friends about what movie/actor should have won an award. Mark Kermode is lucky enough to have a national platform in the form of a slot on the Culture Show to air his views in the programme Forget The Oscars, Here are the Kermodes. Kermode’s choices can be eccentric but this does allow hidden gems that you may not have heard of get discussed. These are the best bits of the programme as Kermode, a good interviewer anyway, gets insightful nuggets of information from his winners, such as the extreme difficulties faced by the female director of Wadjda, the Saudi Arabian film that just missed out on a foreign language Oscar nomination. Kermode also added a new award category: Turkey of the Year. As you can imagine, this award led to some very entertaining ranting. At his critical best Kermode can provide his audience with brightly interesting, often weird diatribes about why a film is bad…bear in mind that this ia a man who ended up singing the Internationale during a review of Sex and the City 2. However his choice of the Mark Wahlberg crime-comedy caper Pain and Gain as his ‘Turkey’ felt a bit predictable. The movie may deserve the award – I haven’t seen it – the problem is that once you’ve heard him say the same thing in his initial review on The Culture Show, bang on about how bad it is in his weekly recaps of the top ten UK films, add it to his worst movies of the year list and now give it his Turkey of the Year award…well, as you can imagine his point becomes as laboured and boring as this sentence. At the end of the day the Kermodes is like any other awards show but with a smaller voting poll and far fewer smug celebs – thus making it clearly better and well worth your time.]]>