Welcome to my Doctor Who Reviews page. This page will contain all the reviews of one of my favourite programmes, if you hadn’t realised already. This page will be made up of a mixture of reviews from Culture Jam and reviews on this very site (coming soon!!!)

It is difficult to sum up a show like Doctor Who in a few sentences but it is about a Time Lord called the Doctor who travels in time and space. So far 12 actors have played the Doctor – see picture above – because as he is an alien he can regenerate. The reason the show is so fun is best described with the 11th’s Doctor’s self description of himself:

I’m a mad man in a blue box

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Doctor Who Series 4:

Doctor Who Series 4 Episodes 8 & 9 – Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (Re-watch)

Doctor Who Series 7:

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special:

Doctor Who Series 11: