After last week’s twisted, complicated instalment, this week’s episode of Homeland was always going to be a much more straight forward affair. That’s not to say it wasn’t exciting though. Let’s start with the politics.

The shouty judge from the first episode reappears as the president’s choice for the new CIA boss. This make Saul sad and so even more droopy. This is the droopiest we’ve ever seen him. At this rate he’ll be a puddle before the series finishes. All this drooping takes place during a wild goose chase that allows the writers to demonstrate what they learnt from the recent “use of metaphor” class they attended. Clearly one of the guest speakers was Michael Bay, as the animal metaphors in Saul and Evil Judge’s dialogue are about as subtle as a stick of dynamite.

When Saul isn’t annoying his new boss, he’s helping Quinn find his soul by telling him the Carrie secret that was revealed last week. Quinn is understandably confused and is sent to watch over her. This results in two things: a creepy phone call between the pair and Quinn’s life getting more stressful. If you’ve been watching Homeland from the start you know that anything involving Carrie Mathison is always overly complicated.

Tonight’s complication is her attempt to rescue Dana from Bad Boy Leo. Quite why Carrie has to do this is never quite explained. Another thing that isn’t explained is why she has to use a dummy yoga class and a human decoy to lure him in. Surely a quick call to Quinn would have sorted all this out much quicker?

We already know Quinn is great at threatening people and getting them to do whatever he wants. Most importantly, Carrie is successful after she convinces the FBI agent who is looking after the Brody’s that Dana’s disappearance is more than a Romeo and Juliet affair. Of course Claire Danes has first hand experience of how badly Romeo and Juliet ends.

Luckily Dana is rescued from that bad fate, however, Carrie isn’t so lucky and despite Quinn’s best efforts she’s kidnapped by the people Carrie now works for. We close this week on a very scary Saul telling Quinn that Carrie is “always alone”. In many ways this last line is as unsettling as last week’s twist. Has Saul gone evil again or is his droopiness turning him into a right bastard?

Mole of the Week Award: No mention of any mole as the CIA are too busy hunting winged animals this week. What did those geese ever do to you CIA?