Wow! After almost four episodes Homeland has suddenly rewritten the rules, pulled the rug out from under our feet…and every other change metaphor you can think of. Almost everything we’ve seen in the last four episodes has been a big, CIA shaped lie.

I feel so hurt, so used, so excited.

The best thing about this twist is Carrie is back in the game. While Carrie’s time in rehab is always interesting, the show is at its best when she’s chasing after bad guys and shouting at fellow members of the CIA.

However, episode four wasn’t all about the last-minute twist. A few other storylines moved forward as well. Dana’s new boyfriend Leo is starting to rub off on her: she’s now stealing cars and selling them at dodgy garages. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, why aren’t young girls taught about men like Bad Boy Leo at school?

This is all confirmed when all round good guy Mike – three cheers for Mike! – finds out that Bad Boy Leo probably killed his brother (I told you he was bad). Dana, you need to find a guy like Mike. I promise, if you do your life will suddenly become a whole lot easier and much less worryingly criminal. Honestly kid, a night in with a movie and a bottle of Irn Bru is far more enjoyable than stealing cars.

Dana also continues her trend of getting the best emotional scene of the episode when she and Bad Boy Leo visit her Dad’s old army base. The line about the day Brody was deployed to Iraq (and how it was the last time he was truthful with her) would break even Leo’s cold, black heart.

Back with the CIA, Fara continues to be the most effective operative of the CIA. Firstly she tracks down the mysterious money to a football team in Caracas, then a dead member of the Iranian football team. I’m sure the fact that the money is ending up the city where Brody is presently consuming more cocaine than a pre-revolutionary Russell Brand is far from a coincidence (incidentally, well done Homeland for referring to football by it’s proper name. We’ll have none of that ‘soccer’ rubbish around here).

The mystery of Caracas and the episode’s final twist has laid the groundwork for the rest of the series. Let’s hope Homeland becomes as twisted as a slinky being abused by a five-year old (we shouldn’t forget my theory that the series is actually written by a possessed, evil toddler).

Mole of the Week Award: While not technically a mole, it has to go to Carrie and her four episodes of lying to everyone including the viewers. Not that I’m hurt. What? No I’m not crying. I was just chopping an onion. LEAVE ME ALONE.