At this point in the series, it’s fairly safe to say that Saul (Mandy Patinkin) is losing it. The facial droop set in quite some time ago set in and it is only going to get worse.

He’s currently planning clandestine operations against almost everybody, including his new boss (who I should probably point out isn’t actually an Evil Judge as I suggested last week. He isn’t a judge at all. He’s actually a senator. Still, he does look quite evil though).

One advantage of Saul losing it is we finally find out why Mira (his partner) returned between series two and three. Apparently she was sent back to look after an increasingly droopy Saul during his time of need.

While Saul was losing it, the rest of the episode seemed to be on fast forward. The Dana Brody subplot hurtled forward like Superman on speed. She changes her name and moves out in the space of fifteen minutes:  far too quickly considering the fact they dragged out Dana and Bad Boy Leo running away together for three episodes.

It also didn’t help that we’ve never met the person she’s moving in before and neither has any other character. Given that just last week the FBI launched a nationwide womanhunt for Dana, are they really willing to let Dana move in with some random? That shark jump is looking awfully close Homeland writers, very close indeed.

Next on the writer’s list of classes is Introducing a Villain 101. That villain is Majid Javadi (Shaun Toub) who last week drove all the way across America to complement Carrie on her yoga classes. This week we learn how much of a bastard he really is. First we find out that he and Saul knew each other during the Iranian revolution, however Javadi lied to Saul by defecting to the West. The second example is much more gory: he kills his ex-wife by punching her in the face with a broke bottle, leaving you in no doubt how much of a bastard the man is.

One thing that is missing from all of this is Brody. We all know he’s as high as a kite down in Caracas, but seriously is this man a series regular or not? He better appear on our screens soon. I’m missing everyone’s favourite misunderstood potential terrorist!

Joke of the Week Award: A new award this week as the CIA mole seems to have gone into hibernation. Homeland has never been a comedy but this week did have one joke:

Quinn: “About time.”

Max: “Oh sorry. My taxi got lost”

Quinn: “You took a fucking taxi to a CIA safe house?”

Max: “It’s a joke.”

Comedy gold as I’m sure you’ll all agree.