Over the last few weeks Brody has been missing in action. While many of us naturally assumed this meant he was having a nice spa break, it seems he was actually in a bit of a pickle. Either that, or he booked a really dodgy spa deal on Groupon as he shows up in a traumatised, dishevelled state. I’d leave a bad TripAdvisor review if I were you, mate.

Ah, actually it wasn’t a spa break after all. It seems that Brody ended up in Venezuela, and the programme juxtaposes his time in Caracas with Carrie’s time in a mental institution. It’s an interesting, effective decision, as the building that seems to be Brody’s new home is a fascinating place full of life and character. However, many of the people he meets are clearly too nice, such as Esme (Martina Garcia) who will probably come to a sticky end – the nice characters always do – while others make your skin crawl. Dr Graham (Erik Dellums) is one of the creepiest characters on TV. You hope he comes to a sticky end.

Unfortunately the normally excellent Damian Lewis is reduced to ‘pant’ acting this week. Is there a scene where he isn’t gasping for air like a dog? He sounds like Pluto after running a marathon on a hot sticky day in a Donald Duck costume.

However, I’m very happy to report that the ginger curtains haircut has been replaced with a new shaved head look. The most interesting part of the episode was Brody’s trip to the local mosque and the Iman’s response to his visit. It was great to see that the show is treating Islam with the respect that it deserves.

The only other regular that appears this week is Carrie who, I’m happy to report, seems to be in a better place than she was last week, even if she hates the place where she ‘d being kept. She gets her own new mystery with the visit of Paul Franklin (Jason Butler Harner). Is he really a lawyer or a member of the CIA trying to get her to spill secrets about Brody?

I’m not sure which is worse to be honest.

Mole of the Week Award: No mention this week but as the rest of the CIA had the week off this isn’t surprising. Hopefully they choose a better place to go than Brody did for their well needed break.